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Jonny Williams (MD) entered the World of concert touring at the age of 16 in pursuit of a dream to be a top class sound engineer. Starting as a 'plugger-inner' and 'taper-upper', he worked his way up to become a production manager and FOH engineer for many major pop artistes worldwide. His skills and knowledge have been acquired through hard work and persistence, and has always strived to get the best results with the resources and equipment I've been given.


From a deep-rooted passion for music and having played a variety of musical instruments, ranging from drums and percussion, through to many types of strings. he's never been fixed to one particular genre, playing for pop, reggae, hip-hop, funk and acoustic bands over the years. Jonny has completed tours as a musician as well as a sound engineer, and so has acquired an informed understanding of the requirements of production management from both perspectives.

Working primarily as a FOH engineer and production manager for over 15 years, Jonny and Production Worx have been fortunate enough to provide services for a wide variety of high-profile artistes. These productions have ranged from stadiums, arenas and festivals, all the way down to showcases and radio/TV appearances.

Alongside the touring work, Jonny has developed a premium speaker brand called BoomBocs®. At BoomBocs® we design and manufacturer high-powered, wireless speaker systems for the general consumer. The sound is no less than pristine, having been designed and engineered with audio quality as the primary focus. The company was founded in 2014, initially starting out of Jonny's living room in Brixton and has grown to a purpose-built manufacturing and testing facility outside of the city. Every single BoomBocs® is built using only high quality components and sustainable materials. Our systems are capable of delivering high sound pressure levels with no distortion, so even to the untrained ear, you’re able to notice the difference between a BoomBocs® sound and that of a ‘competitor.’



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